I was a freshman in college and read this in the Little Red Book of Selling. College Works Painting just hired me to sell house painting services.

Personal branding was different back then. The golden ticket was print publications and radio shows.

Online personal branding wasn’t really a thing yet. Facebook for business launched in 2007. B2B social media was just getting started.

So I made a big list of all the ways people might talk about me after our interaction together.

I built relationships with local paint store employees. I talked to realtors, property managers, and anyone else that interacted with homeowners.

At every sales appointment, I educated the customer on home improvement. On ways they could improve the value of their home beyond painting.

And people started to recommend me to their friends and neighbors. Even if they didn’t hire me.

This approach still works to this day. But now “who knows you” is scalable.

Jeffrey Gitomer will talk about this, his million dollar sales process, and more on his virtual seminar starting this Thursday, 9/12.

Anthony Iannarino will also be making a guest appearance.

It’s a killer deal and I hope to see you there! (link here)

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