There’s no framework or structure for approaching new prospects and starting conversations.

So you end up feeling like there’s always something more you should be doing. And are left with inconsistent results.

If you’ve ever felt this way before, you’re not alone.

 felt this way before the boot camp. And they left with a structure and frameworks to help them feel confident in landing new meetings with prospects.

Reps have participated from companies like Databricks, FlockFreight, Fortinet, Knock, CBRE, and many more.

If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a plateau with prospecting. Or you’re looking for ways to finish Q4 strong, I’d love to see you there.


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Here are three ways we can help you with your prospecting:
  • LinkedInConnect with me for #DailyProspectingTips.
  • Reply Method GuideA proven messaging structure for increasing response rates and setting more meetings from your cold outreach.
  • Prospecting Boot Camps. A 6-week program to help you or your team land more meetings with your ideal clients.