You know what works better than LinkedIn audio or video messages?

Understanding your prospect’s top priorities, problems getting in their way, and how your solution intersects.

That message can be used in cold emails, cold calls, LinkedIn, faxes, carrier pigeons, direct mail pieces, etc.

It’s easy to chase the shiny objection with outbound prospecting.

There’s so much cool technology coming out right now…sales engagement platforms, conversational intelligence, and 1to1 videos.

But like all technology, it’s garbage in / garbage out.

If you don’t have empathy for your prospects, you don’t understand their problems. And if you don’t understand their problems, your messaging won’t resonate.

All technology is doing at that point is scaling sh!tty messaging.

So the question to come back to is, “What would this look like if it were easy?” (r/t Tim Ferriss)

Get back to the basics as my good friend Jeff Bajorek always says.

The solution to our prospecting/selling problems lies within our prospects and customers.

Getting stuck? Spend more time talking to them.



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