The old way of using LinkedIn was sending automated messages through tools like Dux Soup, Leonard, and Linked Helper. (if you’re still doing this…please…stop…)

I can’t lie, this is how we built our initial customer base at Blissful Prospecting. 

But this approach only worked because it was new. It was the equivalent of sending unpersonalized, automated email sequences in the 2000s.

It worked well until everyone started catching on.

The new way to prospect is using a tool like LinkedIn to create a pull strategy (thought leadership & content) to enhance your push activities (calling, emailing).

This is Outbound 3.0.

Create valuable content on LinkedIn, and then call on prospects who fit your ICP that:

  1. Visit your profile
  2. Connect with you
  3. Engage with your content

Here’s what to say:

“Hey [first name], this is [your name] with [your company]…

You [stopped by my profile, sent me a message, commented on a post I wrote, etc.]…


I’m calling to [share an idea, see if you needed help, to learn more about…].

I know I caught you in the middle of your day here, do you have a few minutes?”

If you do this right, it won’t feel like a cold call at all.

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