Jeff Bajorek and Christy Walters-Hebert run my favorite sales podcast right now.

They’ve interviewed folks I’m a big fan of like Jeffrey Gitomer, Anthony Iannarino, Mark Hunter, Amy Volas, Mike Weinberg, Jake Dunlap, Liz Heiman, Andrea Waltz, Deb Calvert, and many more.

You’ll enjoy one of the big topics covered in our interview together if you’re doing a lot of prospecting:

How not to ask dumb questions in cold calls. 

Question stacking is a simple way to ask smart, engaging questions in your cold calls. 

It looks like this:

[context]. [question]?

The first sentence provides context to the question in the second sentence. 

If you ask a question without providing context, you’re much more likely to get a generic response that doesn’t make the prospect want to continue the conversation.

Here’s an example:

“A lot of sales teams are using personalization at scale in their cold outreach right now, but many sales directors are worried about how long it takes. How are you guys approaching personalization?”

For more on this, check out our interview here.

What are your favorite questions to ask during cold calls?

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