Jeff Bajorek: “No, Jason. I don’t.”

That’s what Jeff told me when we met.

I felt pretty lonely in our business at the time. I run Blissful Prospecting with my wife Sara Bay.

If you work with your significant other, you know that means pulling double duty. Being there for each other personally, and supporting each other in the business.

It’s hard to separate the two.

I’m glad to have connected with other folks doing what I do. Because now is the time when I need it.

Shout out to those folks:

Jeff Bajorek – You’re always looking out for others and I feel that you’d do just about anything to help me out

Liston Witherill – I appreciate you always thinking about how we can help each other

Larry Levine – Selling From The Heart – You embody selling from the heart and I’ve enjoyed our last few conversations

Morgan J Ingram – You’re one authentic dude, I appreciate our LinkedIn voice convos 😂

Mark Hunter – You’re the most genuine person I’ve met in this industry, appreciate your advice and huge congrats on the launch of A Mind for Sales!

Find 2-3 people doing what you do. Reach out to connect with them.

You need it now more than ever.

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