from LeadIQ shared 25 prospecting tips in 30 minutes today at the #salessuccesssummit

Some great knowledge bombs here 🤯

Here are my favorites:

When someone asks for more info, ask them what info would be valuable for them.

If you have them on the phone and you’re going to send them an email…hype up the email!

Don’t be a creep. If you know their tech stack, don’t open with that. Connect it to your value prop.

Talk about what you found when researching a prospect. Call out the thing that you found.

Use another channel to pitch after you connect on LinkedIn. Email them. Call them. Don’t pitch in a LinkedIn DM.

Make your first touch your best one, then hype it with your follow up.

Director level or below, focus on the prospect’s interests vs the company’s.

When asking for a referral, ask for a specific person.

Prospect your LinkedIn engagements.

Ask open-ended questions in your email CTAs. Don’t go straight for the meeting right away.

Prospect to your prospect’s connections.

Prospect to your competitor’s connections.

Make content with your prospects.

Every touch should answer:
How am I special to you?
Why are you contacting me?
Who are you?
What do you want me to do?

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