We’ve used these to get 35-65%+ open rates.

✅ Technique #1: Rule of 3

Mention three seemingly random things from your cold email

▶ Sustainability, Tom’s, 2020
▶︎ Template: [personalization], [company name], [year]

✅ Technique #2: Be mysterious

Create curiosity

▶︎ Hey Jason, I was researching Blissful Prospecting and…
▶︎ Template: Hey [first name], I was researching [company name] and…

▶︎ Hi Jason, your audit?
▶︎ Template: Hey [first name], your [area you help]?

✅ Technique #3: Voicemail First

Call first, leave a voicemail, then email

▶︎ Hey Jason, just left a voicemail
▶︎ Template: Hey [first name], just left a voicemail

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