The inbound marketing gurus are wrong.

As Simon Sinek said recently, we are NOT in unprecedented times.

Companies went out of business when they didn’t adapt to the Internet. Taxis didn’t adapt to the sharing economy.

And if your company doesn’t adapt your sales approach, you too will go out of business.

Prospects are hungry for leadership and insight right now. And it’s your obligation to provide those things to them.

You need to reinvent the way you prospect:

✅ Quality First Approach

Prospects are no longer responsive to mass blast. Shift your customer segments away from heavily impacted industries and on new industries who now have big needs you can help with.

✅ Engage with Purpose

Ditch the product pitch. Features and benefits are dead. Lead with empathy and focus on “priorities and results.” Take advantage of direct dials so you can contact your prospects directly (LeadIQ).

✅ Teach Don’t Take

Be helpful to your customers. Connect them together through a Zoom call like Kevin Gilman did. Then take those best practices and turn them into an insight you can share with your prospects.

How will you reinvent the way you prospect and sell?

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