It’d be great if an e-book or webinar sign up was as hot as a demo request, but it isn’t.

Yet many of us treat those leads exactly the same—calling those prospects and expecting tons of excitement on the other end of the line.

The reality is that this is really just a warmer cold call. The prospect wasn’t expecting your call.

These prospects are not as far along in the buyer’s journey.

The typical buyer’s journey (simplified) goes something like this:

Awareness ➡️ Consideration ➡️ Decision

Prospect is aware of the problem and researching ways to fix it.

But most people who download your content do it because it looks interesting. They’re not ready to buy.

Treat those inbounds more like outbounds.

Add an extra stage to the buyer’s journey:

UNAWARE ➡️ Awareness ➡️ Consideration ➡️ Decision

Assume the prospect has only watched your webinar. Or downloaded your e-book.

Educate them on the problem.

Ask engaging questions to find a pain point they’re not aware of.

Show them what life can be like if they explored doing things differently.

Then you’ve earned the opportunity to ask for a demo.

How do you approach inbound leads that aren’t direct demo requests?

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