But we often treat them exactly like that in cold calls.

Prospect says, “I’m busy.”

And we think to ourselves, “Dude come on, it’ll only take me 30 seconds!”

It doesn’t matter how short your pitch is. If the prospect is in a defensive state, it’s damn near impossible to “handle” their objection.

Instead of using a rebuttal, disarm the prospect by empathizing and validating.

Here’s an example:

Prospect: “I’m busy.”

You: “It sounds like I caught you right in the middle of something.” (empathize)

“I can totally see why this wouldn’t be a good time if that’s the case.” (validate)

“I spent quite a bit of time researching ABC Company and might have something that could be helpful for you. Could I take about 30 seconds to tell you what I found? And you can let me know if this is something that’s relevant for you right now?” (offer)

That’s the framework:

Empathize – Talk to what the prospect is feeling/thinking
Validate – Let them know it’s understandable why they’d feel that way
Offer – Go in for the ask

No matter what the objection, empathize and validate until you disarm the prospect and clarify where they’re coming from.

Then, and only then, can you expect the prospect to hear you out.



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