Look, you’re in a fortunate position if this is you right now. 

Conditions outside of your control didn’t put your entire industry out of business. 

And you can legitimately help businesses.

The fact you’re even thinking about this says something. You have empathy for your prospects. You’re thinking about them.

Start with that. 

Let your prospect know it might feel weird to be getting a cold call or a cold email right now.

Salesloft ran an A/B test with their team. Reps addressing the elephant in the room are more successful.

Avoid being opportunistic by leading with curiosity instead of being assumptive.

Just like any other time, you don’t know if you can help the prospect before you talk to them.

Instead of assuming you can help, be curious about HOW you can help.

Share what your customers are going through right now, and what the best ones are doing in these times.

No matter the economic conditions, the purpose of selling hasn’t changed. 

Your job will always be to help your prospects.

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