Outbound 1.0 (90s-2000s)


  • Mass email blasts (à la the Predictable Revenue referral cold email) are all the rage
  • Email and phone are not used together in a multi-channel approach
  • Pre-call research isn’t needed to book a meeting

Outbound 2.0 (late 2000s to ~2016)


  • Mass email blasts stop working
  • Multi-channel email, phone, and social sequences become a requirement
  • Pre-call research is a must, tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator make research less labor-intensive
  • Personalization doesn’t have to provide context (e.g. “saw you’re a Dodgers fan!”)

Outbound 3.0 (2017 to present)


  • Contact rates decrease significantly because everyone is starting to use sales engagement tools to automate terrible emails, LinkedIn messages, and texts
  • Multi-channel prospecting is here to stay (video is added to the mix)
  • Personalization is no longer enough, prospects need context
  • NEW: Thought leadership becomes the new norm…sales teams start taking a blended outbound/inbound approach and encourage reps to build thought leadership through LinkedIn content, turning cold outreach into warm outreach

How are you taking advantage of the Outbound 3.0 era?

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