I have a problem with that.

To be clear, I don’t advocate publicly shaming a salesperson for doing their job. So if you’re doing that—stop. 

But the pendulum has swung too far.

There’s an expectation right now that prospects shouldn’t vent about all the terrible messages clogging up their inboxes. And reps are now entitled to get constructive feedback from a prospect if their email sucks.

Prospects did not ask to receive our cold emails, cold calls, or LinkedIn messages.

We are entitled to NOTHING.

It’s like expecting someone to tell you your pick up line needs work. And then expecting them to be empathetic and coach you on how to properly ask someone on a date. Not gonna happen.

When a prospect shares a terrible cold email or LinkedIn message, that’s a chance for us to learn.

Comment or send a DM and ask, “What would have made you respond to this message?”

Let’s make sure we’re empathetic to BOTH the buyer and the seller.

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