This topic fires up a lot of sales leaders/trainers who say, “It’s insincere. What if you were on the receiving end of this?”

That’s the wrong way of looking at it.

I’ve never had a prospect reply to a cold email saying, “I love how sincere you were!”

Instead, they say things like, “We’ve actually been talking about this.”

Or, “You really did your homework.”

Prospects respond when your outreach is relevant to their current situation.

And they respond when it’s clear that your email is intentional. It’s obvious that you spent a minute or two thinking about them in particular.

That’s it.

When coming up with personalization, use these criteria (credit to Sara Bay, our personalization ninja):

✅ Relevant. Is the personalization connected to how you can help the prospect?

✅ Specific. Can you use the same personalization snippet for another prospect? If so, it isn’t specific enough.

✅ Grammatically correct. This one’s simple. Use Grammarly.

✅ Conversational. Does this pass the, “Could I pull off saying this to the prospect at a happy hour?” test?

What are your thoughts on personalization at scale?

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