A blend of what the prospect values and your company values.

Then connect it to a problem that’s standing in the way of them living out their values.

Here’s an example:

✅ Business:

A service that helps consumer brands offload their customer service needs

✅ Problem:

When brands don’t provide 24/7 customer support, they lose business

✅ Personalization Trigger:

The company doesn’t brand 24/7 support, on the person’s LinkedIn profile they talk about how much they care about customer service

✅ Message:

Hey [first name],

Saw on your LinkedIn that you were able to increase customer satisfaction by 23% during your time at XYZ company. Very impressive! And that’s why I’m reaching out.

It looks like you care a lot about providing great customer service, but you don’t offer 24/7 customer support at XYZ? 53% of consumers shop outside of normal business hours. And if they can’t find what they need, they usually go straight to your competitors like A and B.

X and Y have used our help to support their customers outside of business hours so they don’t lose them to their competitors.

Interested in hearing how?

Personalization is about calling out a connection in values.


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