Personalized 1to1 videos are still underutilized in prospecting.

Video’s been all the rage 🔥 for the last five years, but few salespeople are sending them. 

And that’s exactly why it’s a huge opportunity. It’ll make you stick out to your prospects. 

Several of our clients use video to land meetings with Fortune 1000 brands. 

I’ve used videos to land interviews on 35+ of the top sales podcasts in the last year.

And you can leverage more 1to1 videos to land meetings with hard to reach prospects.

Here are some ways you can use video:

▶︎ Send to prospects opening your emails, but not responding (this is the use case 90% of the time)

▶︎ To personalize the first email in your sequence

▶︎ To demo, in 30-60 seconds, how your product/service fixes a BIG pain point the prospect might have

Quick tips:

✅ Use a tool like Vidyard 

✅ Write the prospect’s name on a whiteboard

✅ Embed the thumbnail of you waving into the email (use the GIF feature)

✅ Use “video” in the subject line

✅ Don’t pitch, give context to why you’re reaching out and what problems you help solve

How have you used video in your prospecting?

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