Guest podcasting is a powerful way of doing just that.

In the last 12 months, I’ve landed 35+ interviews on top sales podcasts by…wait for it…

Cold emailing the host.

It changed our business in three ways:

  1. Built great social proof by creating a piece of content with someone highly respected in our industry
  2. Some of our best clients found us through those interviews
  3. Helped us build relationships with people like Jeff Bajorek, Jeffrey Gitomer, Scott Ingram, Scott Sambucci, and many more

My goal is that you emulate our approach so you can do the same in your industry.

Here’s how to get started:

✅ Build a hit list of podcasts that fit your qualification criteria. Not all podcasts are created equal.

✅ Find their email address using a tool like

✅ Build initial social proof through a few LinkedIn articles or posts with good engagement.

✅ Reach out with a personalized email sequence using a tool like mixmax. Share unique topic ideas.

✅ Be a rockstar guest.

I wrote about this in detail (including screenshots of my emails) in my article on Mailshake here.

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