over at  talks about how they use GIFs in their cold emails to visualize the use case to their prospects.

I talked about how to adjust outbound messaging through COVID using the REPLY Method. TL;DR the framework hasn’t changed, but your prospect’s situation has.

Sarah Jane Hicks shares how she hit 130% of her quota and got 90% open rates and a 36% reply rate using personalization at scale. There’s some killer advice along with a great template on this one.

 talks about becoming an “anti-metrics sales leader” and valuing quality interactions over the volume of interactions. You’re really speaking my language, Joshua!

Christi Wall had some GREAT insights on how we need to document more of what we learn as salespeople from our interaction with our prospects. And use that information to improve marketing materials and messaging.

Grab the full guide here.

More tips in there from these folks as well:

Kris Hartvigsen at Dooley
 at SOCO Selling
Sean O’Shaughnessey at New Sales Expert, LLC

Fabien Pataud – Sales and Profit Coach at Sales and Profit Coach


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