Prospecting Boot Camp

Help your sales team overcome call reluctance, build meaningful relationships with prospects, and land more meetings with their ideal clients


Prospecting is the number one challenge sales teams are dealing with right now.

Most sales teams send mass blast emails with only 1% response rates. And they completely wing cold calls, resulting in success rates as low as 1.48%

The problem? Lack of a structured, repeatable approach that takes the ambiguity out of the prospecting process. And that allows you to scale your organization.

The Prospecting Boot Camp is designed to help you change that.

But this isn’t for everyone…

You’re a great fit if:

✅  Your team is already dedicating 5+ hours per week to outbound prospecting as SDRs, BDRs, AEs, or full-cycle sales reps

✅  Your company is not a pre-revenue startup and has great product-market fit

✅  You have access to emails and phone numbers for your prospects

This isn’t a good fit if:

⛔️  You don’t have a team with any experience doing outbound prospecting

⛔️  You’re looking for quick-fix copy/paste templates

⛔️  You aren’t sold on taking a quality-first approach to building relationships with your prospects

A 6-week program that delivers results

Learn how to identify the best opportunities, and empathize more with your prospects to have smarter conversations.

  • The Five Desires™. Five key psychology principles that drive why prospects take meetings.
  • The Perfect-Fit Identifier™. A framework for quickly finding the perfect blend between your ideal client profiles, personas, and what your prospects value.
  • The Prospect Path™. A framework for understanding your prospect’s current state so you can talk to their desired and undesired future states. This gives you the language to use in emails and calls.
  • Exercises: Define the perfect-fit prospect and your prospect’s language to use for messaging

Grab your prospect’s attention using the REPLY Method™ framework.

  • The REPLY Method™. A repeatable, prospect-first messaging framework for creating killer cold emails and cold call talk tracks.
  • The Personalization Focuser™. A framework for achieving personalization at scale, finding relevant triggers, and hooking your solution to what prospects care most about.

  • Subject line formulas. Learn how to achieve 50%+ open rates using unique, creative subject lines.

  • Exercises: Create your customized cold email templates and build a personalization system

Build a contact strategy to break through the clutter using a simple sequencing framework.

  • Weekly Touch Patterns. How to make email, phone, and LinkedIn work together and know exactly how and when to follow up.
  • Activity Planning. How to calculate the exact number of activities each week to remove the mystery of what it takes to hit your targets.
  • The Killer Week Blueprint™. Learn how top reps plan and execute their week.
  • Exercises: Build and optimize your sequences, and create the killer week

That’s right, a whole week dedicated to cold calling!

  • The Call Reluctance Minimizer™. A psychology-based framework for overcoming call reluctance and the fear of being salesy.
  • From Reluctant to Confident™. Learn actionable frameworks and tactics for dealing with gatekeepers, calling on executive decision-makers, and leaving effective voicemails.
  • The Question Stacking Formula™. A framework for asking questions to get prospects to stop, think, and create a need for meeting with you.
  • Exercises: Build your cold call talk track

Learn how to handle and prevent your toughest prospecting objections.

  • The Objection/Rebuttal Infinity Loop™. Throw your old school rebuttals away and learn how to avoid confrontational objection handling tactics.
  • The EVO Objection Handling Framework™. Learn the empathize, validate, and offer framework to deflate objections like “not interested” or “don’t have time” (and the rest of your most common objections).
  • The Path to Empathy. What empathy is and isn’t. And how to use this skill to disarm prospects.
  • Exercise: Come up with responses for your top objections

Learn how to scale and implement everything you’ve learned.

  • The Five Rights™. A framework for troubleshooting when things aren’t working and scaling your results.
  • The Optimization Sprint Builder™. A framework for building 2-week sprints to continue focus on outbound prospecting skill improvement beyond the boot camp.
  • Accountability. How to create more accountability and peer-based learning to continue increasing results.
  • Exercise: Identify your 2-3 keystone habits to take with you beyond the boot camp

How It Works


  • The problem with most sales training is two parts: it’s too theory-based and isn’t actionable, or it’s so tactical that reps become copy/paste robots.
  • Frameworks and repeatability are built into our process so that your sales team learns the “why” along with the how-to tactics.
  • 25+ frameworks are taught for everything from identifying good-fit opportunities, crafting cold emails, to objection handling (check out this live cold call training for an example)


Prospecting Boot Camp On-Demand
  • Access for your entire team to the Prospecting Boot Camp course.
  • 10+ hours of bite-sized, on-demand course content (topics outlined above).
  • Worksheets, email templates, and call tracks.


Boot camp screenshot
  • We DO NOT believe in the “shotgun” training approach where a trainer comes in and delivers 8 hours of content all at once or over a few days. Sure, it’s great to get all the information quickly. But that approach results in reps going right back to their old ways a few weeks after the training.
  • The boot camp is broken up into six weeks of live coaching and training calls. This gives us time to reinforce and troubleshoot, and it’s a critical aspect of allowing your team to learn at a sustainable pace.
  • All calls are recorded and you’re given on-demand access.


Prospecting Playbook Boot Camp
  • Build an outbound playbook together that’s immediately actionable for onboarding new reps and providing ongoing support to your team.
  • Build step-by-step plays for reaching out to new prospects, handling objections, and securing meetings.
  • Work with managers and leadership to refine the playbook so they can implement into their weekly training and coaching cadence with reps.

Case studies from past participants

Joel French, SDR @ Databricks

Nicole Ramirez, Rep @ Bolton & Co.

Jordan Greek, VP of Sales @ Knock

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