And if you’re not providing them, you’re losing.

Prospects don’t need your empathy, they need your help. 

Sure, leading with empathy is a great way to start the conversation, but don’t stop there.

✅ Leadership

Take a stance. Pick a side. And guide your prospects in their journey out of this sh*t storm together.

“From my conversations in the last few weeks, I’m seeing companies like yours in one of two camps…

…I’m curious which camp you guys are in?”

✅ Insights

Prospects want to know what their peers are doing. Avoid preventable mistakes, and keep up with the pack. And right now, things are rapidly changing.

You work with your prospect’s peers. Gather best practices, and turn those into insights.

“If you’re in the  ________ camp, you might find it helpful to know how our customers are handling ________ right now. Cool if I send over those insights to you?”

In this episode of In the Trenches, Kevin Gilman shares how he’s seeing success by being helpful for his clients and prospects right now.


What insights can you create to be helpful to your prospects right now?

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