The common sales advice? “Share more *value* in your voicemail!”

Okay dude…

How much value could you possibly share in a 30-60 second voicemail?

There’s this myth that an elite group of sales assassins get 80% of their voicemails returned. They lurk in the shadows getting call back after call back from prospects so desperately excited to hear their pitch.

While us mere mortals can’t even get a response back to our cold email. 

Okay, okay…getting call backs is tough, but that doesn’t mean voicemails don’t work. 

Just use them differently. Treat them like a bump email.

Instead of leaving a voicemail to get a call back, use it as a way to direct the prospect to your email.

The last part of your voicemail could sound something like this…

“…oh and no need to call me back. I’m about to send you an email sharing how Competitor A and Competitor B are solving __________. The subject line is ‘Hey ______, just left a voicemail.’ This is Jason with Blissful Prospecting.”

How do you use voicemails?


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