Companies like Google, HBO, and Apple create world-class products because they spend millions of dollars on user research.

They know how their users think, what they want, and what their motivations are.

This is part of an approach called design thinking, and empathy is the first step in the process.

We can apply the approach by adopting an empathy-based approach to prospecting.

Think about the prospect’s experience on the receiving end of a cold call.

Many prospects complain that:

🚫 The salesperson sounds like they’re reading a script instead of having a conversation

🚫 The rep talks the entire time

🚫 They’re interrogated with half a dozen qualifying questions

Where you can adopt an empathy-based approach is by doing the opposite:

✅ Be conversational and show the prospect you did your research, not that you memorized a script

✅ Engage the prospect so they feel like they’re participating in a conversation

✅ Ask conversational, thought-provoking questions so the prospect doesn’t feel like they’re being interviewed or interrogated

Your job during a cold call is to be curious, not assumptive.

Put the prospect first, and let curiosity drive the conversation.


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