I spent hundreds of hours studying Michael Jordan in middle school.

I tried to shoot like him. Play defense like him. And copy his moves.

He inspired me to practice every day for hours. Even though I couldn’t really do anything I watched 😂

You probably did something similar with whatever you were interested in growing up.

But then we become adults. Our pride and ego kicks in. We want to be unique little snowflakes and do things our own way.

And that usually holds us back, especially in sales.

There’s nothing wrong with copying the approach of someone more successful than you.

How they handle objections, open cold calls, or write their cold emails.

Who cares why it works. Figure that part out later.

Copy first. Make it your own second.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Odds are that what you’re trying to accomplish has been done many times over.

William Sturgis is using this approach at SalesLoft and he’s killing it.

The cool part? He isn’t doing anything revolutionary. He’s borrowing the best tips from other successful reps.

See the slides for the highlights from our interview.


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