Reps oftentimes come to me with a challenge I’m having a hell of a time helping them navigate. Would love your feedback here.

Upper management is making them use cold email templates and talk tracks that are dated and get terrible results. They know it could be better, but their bosses are strict about what they can say to prospects.

This drives me crazy.

I’ve always had a strong inclination in this situation to “secretly” test what would work better while hitting my activity targets at the same time. Worked well for me several times.

The plan is to help these reps create an internal case study they can bring back to their bosses. Show that a different approach, with fewer activities, is actually getting much better results.

👉 Reps out there who have experienced a similar situation, or that have advice, how should you navigate through this? In a way that doesn’t alienate your bosses? Scott Ingram Dan Frost

👉 For sales execs, how do you recommend a rep approaches this conversation with you or your Sales Managers if they have an idea for something that could work better? Collin Cadmus  Paul Salamanca  Justin Cardillo

Thought these guys might have some thoughts as well: Morgan J Ingram John Barrows Jake Dunlap

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