Couldn’t disagree more strongly with this viewpoint.

Personal branding isn’t about content creation. Or being a thought leader or influencer 🤮

It’s about standing out to the right people when it counts.

When prospects see you on a regular basis, they think of you more often.

When you grow a following, your customer-base follows you from job to job.

Prospects don’t give a sh*t how about your ability to challenge them, how high your product is rated on G2, or the awards your company has won if they don’t like you. 

A personal brand humanizes you.

It gives you a chance to be likable before a sales conversation takes place. And that can be the difference in taking a meeting with you or not.

Need a good example of what this looks like?

Check out my friends Sarah Brazier, Alexine Mudawar, Scott Ingram, Sarah Jane Hicks, and Justin Welsh.

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And Sarah, Alexine, Scott, Sarah, and Justin are talking about personal branding.

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