There’s a ton of pressure. Your livelihood depends on your results—day in and day out.

The turnover rate is 34% in our profession, nearly 3x the rate of the overall labor force (The Bridge Group).

I’ve seen one BIG pattern in my experience working with thousands of reps in the last 12 years.

The ones who experience long-term success vs. those who don’t. And it ain’t their scripts, cold email templates, or how well they close. 

It’s the ability to control their stress levels.

They know that results are mostly out of their control. 

You don’t control whether a prospect picks up the phone. If they decide to take a meeting with you. Or if they sign the agreement.

You can influence those things, but you can’t MAKE prospects do anything.

You control your output. And the quality of that output. 

The emails you send. The calls you make. How well you research a prospect. How persistent you are before giving up. The attitude you bring into every sales interaction. 

The best reps hyper-focus on output, trusting the results will come.

Spend every ounce of your mental and physical energy worrying about things 100% in your control.

And trust in the process.



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