Here are a few of the tips I shared when he asked:

✅ Make a habit of sending connection requests to 25 prospects per day. Turn your LinkedIn newsfeed into a curated stream of everything going on in your prospect’s world.

✅ Take the conversation offline. Engage prospects that visit your profile, direct message you, and engage with your content.

Give them a call and say…

“Hey [first name], this is [your name] with [your company]…

PAUSE (wait to see if they recognize your name)

You sent over a message to me on LinkedIn about [reference their message].

I’m calling to [share an idea, see if you need help, to learn more about…etc.].

I know I caught you in the middle of your day here, do you have a few minutes?”

✅ Experiment with daily posting. The number of qualified intro calls nearly doubled when I tried this during a six week test period. And now I’m making it a habit indefinitely.

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