When I first met Sara Bay‘s mom, Jackie, she told me what it was like immigrating to America from Korea.

Sara was a year old. They didn’t have a lot of money. And they hardly spoke English.

It was a BIG risk.

But what Jackie saw a lot in Korea growing up was American media.

She watched all of the popular American movies and TV shows.

Even though she never visited America, and didn’t know anyone who moved there…

“The American Dream” was real because she could see it…even if it was just on TV.

“Seeing is believing,” is what she told me.

There’s a prospecting lesson here.

Most prospecting is text-based through email and phone these days. It isn’t visual enough.

Prospects need a clear way to SEE the “before” (where they’re at) and the “after” (where they could be).

Link to a case study that clearly demonstrates their problem, how to fix it, and then the results in a visual way.

Record a short, personalized video demoing your product using tools like Vidyard.

Let your prospects SEE a transformation so they can BELIEVE it’s worth 15-30 minutes of their time to discuss further.

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