We’re not writing novels when prospecting.

Try one of these story-telling frameworks to add immediate context for your prospects:

✅ The Mechanic

Mechanics (most of them) are great because they have the expertise that we don’t. They can find and anticipate problems that save us thousands of dollars.

If you’re selling expertise, use this approach.

“An analysis of your ________ showed that ________. Interested in seeing what you could do to ________?”

✅ David vs. Goliath

Most businesses experience problems in areas they feel they have little control over. So they just accept it. Or maybe they’re smaller and have fewer resources than their larger competitors.

If you’re selling to prospects in this situation, use this approach.

“It’s not fair that ________. Interested in seeing how you could level the playing by ________?”

✅ Buried Treasure

“Most companies miss out on ________ because it’s so complicated to understand. Which is no fault of yours. Is it cool if I share how companies like yours are finding this ‘buried treasure’ with little to no work on their part?”


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