Adding more emails to the sequence won’t help. And LinkedIn audio/video messages aren’t the answer either.

Tools will only amplify your message. They don’t help it resonate more with the prospect.

Can you talk from your prospect’s point of view?

Their day-to-day?

Their top priorities at any given time?

Their specific problems and how you help in those areas?

If not, here are some ideas for you:

✅ Ride shotgun with a current client for half a day (or run this virtually for an hour with them and a few people on their team)

✅ Customer interviews from clients closed in the last 90 days

✅ Sit in on a few customer success calls (or listen to recordings of them) to hear how clients articulate your product/service

And some low-hanging fruit:

✅ Research the competitive landscape on review sites like G2 or (What do people like? What don’t they like?)

✅ Listen back to your discovery or demo calls (or recordings of your AE) and transcribe the parts where prospects share their problem

✅ Transcribe the language clients used in video/written testimonials and case studies when describing their challenge



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