Your ability to break bad habits, and replace them with good habits.

It’s no different from trying to eat less junk food.

Logically, you know that eating healthier is good for you. And you want to eat better.

But it doesn’t go exactly as planned. It’s difficult to make a substantial change. And before you know it, you’re right back where you started…or worse.

Well, you’re not alone.

We were never taught about habits growing up. So we don’t treat them as a learnable skill.

Our brains are really good at conserving energy on repetitive things. We don’t waste very much mental energy thinking about how to brush our teeth, chew our food, or go to the bathroom.

That’s why overcoming bad habits is so tough.

You have to overcome your body’s natural desire to keep doing the same thing over and over to conserve energy.

This happens in sales, especially when prospecting.

We open cold calls, handle objections, and we say the same bad things over and over again. And unless we create a pattern interruption, things will never change.

Check out the video for a framework you can use to build better habits.



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