You’ve heard the old sales adage: you have two ears and one mouth.

Well, turns out that’s true. You do, in fact, have two ears and one mouth. 

But that doesn’t mean prospects should dominate sales and prospecting conversations.

Wingman analyzed 2 million minutes over 222,577 sales calls in the last 12 months.

And they found that talk:listen ratio didn’t correlate with closing rates.

Instead of focusing on talk:listen ratio (a vanity metric anyway), focus on the quality of those conversations. 

How do your reps handle budget-related questions?

How good are your reps at helping prospects articulate their problem? 

How good are your reps at capturing a prospect’s attention in the first 10-15 seconds of a cold call?

I’m running a webinar with Shruti Kapoor, CEO of Wingman, next week to chat all about these topics and more. 

The theme is: Sales “Best Practices” That Actually Hurt Your Results.

We’re talking discovery, cold calling, objection handling and much much more.

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