They take too long to process. And they don’t interrupt the normal pattern of outreach prospects receive.

The avg. reading speed is 300-450 words per minute.

Most cold emails are 100+ words, which take 13.3-20 seconds to read.

So what do most prospects end up doing? Deleting, sending to spam, or skimming.

Visuals are much different.

The human brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds — just over 1/100th of a second (MIT).

When we can add a video with a thumbnail or image to our emails, it grabs the prospect’s attention much quicker. It’s less work for them to process.

And it eliminates the need to read.

What does that mean for prospecting?

Adding visual elements to your prospecting is a critical piece to grabbing someone’s attention.

And videos play a big part.

Want to learn how you can use video to prospect and sell more effectively?

Check out me and few of my friends at Vidyard‘s Fast Forward summit next Tuesday, October 7th.

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