Does it work? 🤔

These are the variations of follow-ups from cold emails I’ve received in the last month:

“Just a quick follow-up on the message I sent earlier. I would really appreciate hearing back from you.”

“Just a friendly follow up to see if you’re still interested in _________?”

“I know you’re busy and I don’t want to come off as too persistent, but I wanted to quickly follow up on my last email…”

We’ve tested follow-up emails like these and they’ve worked.

BUT…the previous email needs to be valuable. If you shared content that really resonates with the prospect, they tend to respond.

And you can’t be needy in your follow up. Or make the prospect feel guilty about not responding.

Being very specific about the previous email has worked well.

This could sound like…

“Get a chance to check out the case study on how ABC Company improved their response rates by 23%? We’re using two specific strategies to help companies like yours spend more time in front of qualified prospects.

What’s the best way to schedule a time to share them with you?”

Have these types of follow-ups worked for you?

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