It all comes down to the Pleasure Principle.

Which states that people have a tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

In business:

🙂 Pleasure = Results related to top priorities

🙁 Pain = Challenges standing in the way of accomplishing those results

Your prospect is getting along fine without you.

Taking a meeting with you requires the prospect to consider changing their way of doing things.

That’s no small commitment.

You have to prioritize why change is worth it BEFORE you prioritize your need to qualify and ask for more of the prospect’s time.

Start by making a list of your prospect’s top priorities.

Then make a list of challenges standing in the way of those priorities.

This becomes the framework of your prospecting approach:

Pain (challenge): “I’m hearing from [persona] that [challenge]…”

Pleasure (result): “We’re helping similar clients [result related to their top priorities]…”

You have to prioritize the prospect’s needs over yours.

And those two have to be connected for the prospect to take a meeting with you.

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