The problem with rebuttals, well, besides the fact they don’t work that well…

Is that they leave both you AND the prospect feeling misunderstood.

Prospect shares an objection.

“I don’t have time to chat right now.”

You feel misunderstood, thinking to yourself…”I only need two minutes dude!”

So you respond with, “But I only need 30 seconds of your time to tell you why I’m calling.”

Then the prospect feels misunderstood, thinking to themselves…”Did this freakin’ dude even listen to what I said?”

But they’re not going to say that out loud, so they say, “I’m about to step into an important meeting. Bye.”

Call ends there.

You can break this loop using a framework I called E.V.O.

Watch the video for a quick breakdown of how you can use it to handle your toughest objections.


How can you lead with empathy more when you handle objections?


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