No matter how much research you do before reaching out, it still feels cold to the prospect if they’ve never seen or heard of you.

Outbound 3.0 is about using thought leadership and community to drive prospecting conversations.

The benefits are insane if you pull this off correctly.

You’ll make cold calls and prospects will say things like, “Jason! Thanks for calling, we love your content.”

A completely different vibe than a pure cold call.

Here’s how you can do this in about three hours per week on LinkedIn:

✅ Connect with 10 prospects every day

✅ Like/comment/share with 10 of your prospect’s post every day

✅ Write one killer post per week

✅ Prospect to people who fit your ICP that engage with your content, visit your profile, or that send you a connection request

Consistency is key here. It won’t happen overnight. But give it a month or two and you’ll see major dividends.

If you need an example of what this looks like, here are a few quota-carrying reps crushing it on LinkedIn:

Sarah Drake                                                                                                         

Sarah Brazier

Jeremy Leveille

Amy Quick

Belal Batrawy

Scott Ingram

Dan Frost

Andrew Mewborn

Know any other reps crushing it on LinkedIn? Tag them in the comments.

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