What people want more than anything is to feel understood.

Especially your buyers.

Most C-suite executives don’t get value from their interaction with sellers. And it’s mostly because they don’t feel understood.

It’s not because the company hasn’t done a good job of defining their persona. Or that the rep doesn’t understand who they’re selling to.

Curiosity + cognitive empathy is greater than intelligence.

It’s not enough to know how a buyer feels. You need to move beyond that and add context: WHY are they feeling that way?

That takes an immense amount of curiosity and your ability to connect with the prospect personally. And dig deeper than their persona.

This has NOTHING to do with your solution or how it’s positioned vs. your competitors.

It has to do with your ability to connect with the person so they feel understood.

Andy Paul dropped some major knowledge on this topic and more in our interview together.


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