The phone isn’t dead. 

But the cold part died a long time ago.

Sure, you can put a huge list into a dialer. 

But 3 meetings from 1,000 calls ain’t winning. And it never was.

It doesn’t matter if software is making the dials for you. Or you’re outsourcing it.

You’re burning out prospects. You’re losing out on opportunities. And you’re giving our profession a bad rap.

Instead, focus on intelligence gathering.

One of my favorite ways is through social engineering. 

It’s a bottoms-up approach where you humanize gatekeepers by calling them “assistants.”

You ask for help, instead of going around them.

And you talk with people in the company who aren’t decision-makers, so you can get a better idea of what’s going on inside the company. 

Then you take those insights upstream to VPs and the C-suite.

Insights you’d never get from their website, 10Ks, or LinkedIn profile. 

Oh, and by the way there’s a pretty [email protected] process for doing this. 

It’s called Smart Calling. 

And Art Sobczak is sharing more about it on the Think Outside the Script virtual tour next Tuesday.

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