I strongly disagree.

“But the focus should be on meetings! And creating quality opportunities!”

Sure, but here’s the thing…

Focusing more on results doesn’t actually drive results. 

Don’t reps that crush their quota and reps that don’t focus on the same result?

The difference isn’t the focus on results.

It’s like working out. You don’t say, “Hey let’s focus more on the results instead. Only track pounds of fat lost and pounds of muscle gained.”

That’s a great way to lose motivation quickly. 

The key is QUALITY and CONSISTENCY of activity. 

Focus on the habits. Making the choice to be active for 30 minutes every day. Replacing sugary drinks with water. Replacing processed carbs with vegetables.

It’s the compound effect of those daily habits that make the difference. 

Prospecting is exactly the same.

Focus on the habits.

Here are three to start with:

✅  Them first, you second. Start every interaction (phone, email, LinkedIn) with something about them.

✅  Push past the “no.” Don’t stop when you get a “no” on a cold call.

✅  Empathize, then offer. With objections, talk to where the prospect is coming from, then respond with an offer.

What other habits are essential for you?


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