A trainer comes in for a full day. They walk through steps A-Z on closing, prospecting, etc.

The information is great!

But two months later, it’s as if the trainer was never there. 

Most trainers blame it on the reps. 

“Only 10% of people give a sh!t about their development anyways. The rest don’t care…”

Well, I call that bullsh!t. What if the problem is in the way it’s being taught?

We wouldn’t accept only 10% of high school students retain what they learn. Most people remember how to do basic algebra 20 years after learning it.

Here are some tips for helping reps retain what they learn:

✅  Chunk the learning

Break up big topics into 5-6 key principles. And teach that over 5-6 weeks instead of 5-6 hours. Reinforce habit-building along the way.

✅  Why, what, and how

Word for word lines to say in cold calls and email templates are great. But they need to be complemented with a framework, a “why” behind it so reps can make it their own eventually.

✅  No homework

Don’t send people away from the session with homework. Do the exercises together on the call. Then they have something to start using immediately after. 

How do you make your training, whether internal or external, stick?


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