Our client landed meetings with Weight Watchers and Hertz last week.

If you’re our client, it’s tempting to start name-dropping those logos in your cold outreach for social proof.

But doing this makes you the hero, instead of your clients.

Instead of “name dropping” logos you’ve worked with try this:

1. Share logos your clients have landed using your solution.

This only works if you help your clients find more clients. Let’s say you help your clients sell or market into the automotive industry. You’ve helped them connect with Ford, Toyota, etc.

Share those companies in your cold outreach.

“Our clients have connected with Ford and Toyota using XXX.”

Share companies the prospect would also want to work with.

2. Tell a story.

Avoid the ROI altogether. Tell a quick story about how you helped a relatable client deal with a similar challenge.

“Not sure if you’re having challenges with performance management, but we recently helped Ford with this. Their employees weren’t engaging with the software and now their HR team loves using XXX because it’s eliminated the drudgery of spreadsheets, word documents, and manual tracking.”

Use social proof in a way that makes your clients the hero.

How do you use social proof in your cold outreach?

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