Too many companies are promising generic results like, “We can increase your conversion by 23%.” They’re not sharing specific results that make the prospect better at their job.

Or they’re sharing outrageous claims they achieved with one client that’s unreasonable for any new client to expect.

“We helped ABC Company increase their revenue by 1,024%!”

And worst of all, they’re leading every cold email and cold call with their value prop statement. Leading with themselves instead of their prospects.

Here’s the problem: this approach doesn’t make the prospect the hero.

No one wants to be Alfred—everyone wants to be Batman. We should help our prospects by making THEM the hero.

Lead with empathy, especially by acknowledging a frustration of theirs that’s related to how you can help them.

You’ll stand out big time and feel familiar. Prospects will feel you’re speaking their language.

And you’ll earn enough trust to start a conversation.

What’s your verdict? Are value prop statements dead in prospecting?

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