The most successful nonprofits we see act very differently from their competition.

They act like for-profit businesses, especially when it comes to marketing and development.

There’s more competition than you would think for a nonprofit…

Many nonprofits have similar missions.

The companies they want to partner with are usually very large. They receive hundreds of inquiries every week from nonprofits around the world, not to mention for-profit companies selling their products and services to them.

Here are five consistent actions we see in our most successful nonprofit clients:

1️⃣ They build a hit list of brands they want to go after.

2️⃣ They research those brands and their marketing departments so they can share exciting ideas with them.

3️⃣ They’re not afraid to send cold outreach, but they don’t lead with how the brand can support their mission. Instead, they lead with commonalities in their mission and values.

4️⃣ They talk about the benefits FOR the brand in partnering, not just about themselves and how great they are.

5️⃣ And they’re not afraid to ask for the sale.

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