I’ve sat next to a lot of people in my career. In my observations, most people waste 30-60 minutes every day because they’re too slow on the computer.

We have to think about what tabs to open for a particular task.

We can’t find that file we’re looking for.

Or we do the same task in an inefficient way over and over again.

Here are a few hacks to get back some of that time:

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Keyboard shortcuts – Mac/PC

Google Chrome





1. Paste – If you use a Mac, this app helps you bookmark and categorize what you copy/paste the most.

2. Max out the speed on your mouse and trackpad (thanks Noah Kagan).

3. Use keyboard shortcuts. Do as much as possible without moving or clicking the mouse.

4. Batch similar tasks together. Use your calendar for more than keeping track of appointments. Time block similar activities together (e.g. write proposals on the same day/time throughout the week, make calls in the same blocks, etc.)

5. Freshstart – Chrome extension for opening multiple tabs at once. Great if there are 3-5 tabs you need open for a particular task.

6. PowerTools – If you deal with Google sheets a lot for sorting data, this is a must.

7. Skitch – An Evernote tool for taking screenshots you can annotate.

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