I hear this A LOT.

There are two parts to think about:

1) Know your prospect’s problems better. If you’re worried about missing, you probably don’t know your prospect’s problems as well as you think.

2) Break up their problems across multiple emails in your sequence.

Start with this framework: feature, pain, benefit, persona.

Those four pieces connect the dots in your outbound messaging in cold emails and cold calls.

Create a table with those four columns.

Connect the features of your product to the pain point it helps your customers with.

Then connect those pain points with the benefits of how your product helps. What’s the benefit of doing it a new way?

Lastly, what persona does this relate to most? Create a row in your table for every persona.

This becomes the content of your messaging for cold emails and cold calls. And you can also use it when running demos.

Ned Arick, M.S. from Canny came on the podcast to share the outbound process they’re creating from scratch right now.


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