Aaron Browning Becc Holland and Ryan O’Hara debated on the LeadIQ webinar whether we should still call it “making cold calls.”

What do you think?

What we’ve seen work well for our clients at Blissful Prospecting is multi-channel outreach (email + phone + social) and involves personalization.

Spending 3-5 minutes prior to running a cadence to find 3-5 ways you can hook the prospect to the product/solution. Or that tie into a challenge they might be having.

If you do this prep before outreach and send an email or two prior to calling for the first time…is it still a “cold call?”

We’ve done research. We have something to say that’s relevant to the prospect. And we know how our solution can help them.

We’re not dialing random numbers of people we know nothing about.

Should we salespeople and sales leaders rebrand this to “making calls” so it doesn’t have such a negative connotation for new reps?

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