What’s the winning formula for a cold call or cold email?

Here’s the bad news—there isn’t a magic copy/paste template you can follow.

It doesn’t exist. There aren’t shortcuts. Trust me, I’ve tried them all.

But the good news?

Proven frameworks do exist for writing killer cold emails.

There are opening lines you can use in your cold calls to sound less salesy.

And you can leverage proven psychology principles to quickly empathize and connect with your prospects.

We’re digging into all of those topics on the Think Outside the Script summer virtual tour.

40 speakers are bringing a few hundred years of combined experience to share their best cold email, cold calling, mindset, LinkedIn, and psychology tips & strategies to help you land more meetings with your ideal clients.

This isn’t your typical virtual summit.

Nothing’s pre-recorded. It’s all LIVE.

And you won’t be bombarded with 50 events to attend in two days.

2-3 events per week are spread out over the entire summer.

536 sales professionals have signed up in the first few days.

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