It can crush your confidence and make you feel small.

In the last 13 years of my career, I’ve learned one thing.

Rejection never stops.

And it comes in all forms:

Prospects will continue saying “no,” and it’ll make you angry that some of them get satisfaction from that.

Your peers at work won’t all respect you, and it’ll feel lonely knowing that some of them would rather see you fail.

An industry peer you look up to won’t respect you, and you’ll feel major imposter syndrome.

Someone important won’t give you the time of day at a networking event, and you’ll question your value.

And some people will treat you differently because of your race or gender, and it’ll feel really unfair.

But what I’ve learned is to:

✅ Accept it

✅ Not take it personally

✅ Use it for motivation (a chip on your shoulder can be a good thing)

Move forward, always.

How have you handled people not taking you seriously?

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